Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Rate hike ending?

Who knows what the Fed has in mind, but average interest rates actually DECLINED last week!

A Hint That Fed's Rate Increases May End Soon(November 23, 2005) -- Newly released minutes from the Federal Reserve's Nov. 1 meeting indicate that central bank officials soon may strike certain language from advance guidance about future rate increases. Though they do not indicate when they will cease short-term rate hikes, the minutes do hint that Fed policymakers may no longer suggest that rates will be increased at a "measured" pace. Nevertheless, concerns about inflation lead investors and analysts to believe that another two or three rate hikes are on the horizon. Ben Bernanke, who is slated to take over for Alan Greenspan as Fed chairman at the end of January, is expected to increase rates at least once after assuming the post, mainly to show that he is as committed as Greenspan to combating inflation. Source: New York Times (11/23/05); Andrews, Edmund L.


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